Did you become an entrepreneur because you wanted to be your own boss? When I did, I quickly found out you still have a boss - YOUR CLIENT! The problem with offering a service is you are selling your time. Precious time you can never get back.

Are you an entrepreneur providing a service and wish you could work less and make more?

>Are you having trouble hiring or delegating to others?

> Are you tired of selling your service based on promises, descriptions and testimonials?

>Do you wish you clone yourself?

This is where Product conquers Service.

What you see is what you get for one simple price. There's an image, a description, a price, and a delivery time. The client can touch and feel it.


What if I told you there was a way to turn your service into a touch and feel product and start making more money in less time…

Sounds impossible?

Clone Yourself

Strategy Session

In 120 minutes I will work with you one-on-one

to create a product out of your service, that people want!

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1. Your 80/20:

The one service in your business that produces the most income and takes the least amount of effort.

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2. Your Road Map:

Develop a system to optimize and automate this service to save you time and stress.

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3.Your Package:

Package this service into an offer that is clear and tangible that solves a specific problem.


4. Your Target:

Pinpoint a niche clientele who need and search for this product right now.

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5. Your Message:

Develop the ultimate message to communicate the offer to your ideal clientele and start selling.


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to change your life forever!

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